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Texas Arrest Warrants
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Nueces County Warrant and Arrest Records Search Nueces County Warrant and Arrest Records Search Discover how to conduct a Nueces County warrant and arrest records search, TX. Save time and use the background check services offered by this website.
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Nueces County Warrant and Arrest Records Search

If you discover that a Nueces County arrest warrant has been issued against you, there is no reason to get panicked. It does not necessarily mean you are guilty of a crime. Guilt can only be established after a proper legal procedure in court.

However, it does mean that you might be incarcerated by any law officer at any given moment no matter where you are. That is why, if you have a good reason to assume there is an order for your arrest, you ought to handle your affairs with the police without delay, even if it means hiring an attorney for that purpose.

A Nueces County warrant search

The best place to gain access to the county's outstanding warrants database is the sheriff office. Their office can be found at 901 Leopard Street #200, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401. You can try and obtain the information on the phone (361-887-2219). However, they will probably want you to physically arrive at their office. That can be a little risky because if it is revealed that you are a wanted person, they will not hesitate to apprehend you. So either come prepared with a lawyer or opt for a much safer online search.

This site offers an online inquiry tool (see above) that will exhibit a person's criminal history and additional related background information. The search is simple and reliable and most importantly, confidential.

Finding a person's arrest history

You can start your Nueces County arrest records search by calling the county jail: 361-887-2300.

There is another recommended option for an arrest search. You can broaden your inquiry to include the entire state of Texas. The Computerized Criminal History System, provided by the TxDPS, is an online search service that will display a person's arrest history for violations greater than Class B misdemeanor. The only problem with this search tool is that it will require you to open an account and disclose some personal details.

Nueces County Court records search

To perform a case search in the county, go the district court office (901 Leopard Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78401. Telephone no. 361-888-0450). They manage a database containing felony records.

Misdemeanor records are generally under the responsibility of the county clerk, so go to their office to look for them. Their telephone number is 361-888-0770 and their address is the same as the district clerk's address.

Crime Data

2013 statistics reveal that 17842 offenses were committed in the county in the course of the year (that means 5074.4 crimes for 100000 residents). To be more specific, the county's police forces had to deal with 19 murders, 156 rapes, 403 robberies, 1474 assaults, 2877 burglaries, 12350 larceny incidents, and 563 car thefts. More than 5000 arrests were carried out to try and battle the high crime rates.