Carrying out a warrant Search in San Jacinto County, TX

People think that conducting a criminal record check on another person is complicated. It isn’t – you just need to know where to look. In this article, we will show you how to perform a warrant search in San Jacinto County and explain how to find arrest records and criminal court dockets.

A warrant inquiry

The number one place to obtain any arrest warrant information is the Sheriff’s Office. They do not disclose details over the phone but do provide the information in person. Their address is 75 W. Cedar Avenue, Coldspring, TX 77331. Phone: 936-653-4367.

Where to find Jacinto County arrest records

San Jacinto County does not provide an online jail roster through which you can find an inmate. Therefore, we recommend referring to more extensive databases run by the state. There are, in fact, two databases we recommend:

  • The Texas Department of Public Safety maintains an online criminal history search which presents a person prior arrests all over the state. Only arrests for offenses more serious than Class B misdemeanor appear in the database. You will have to sign up and buy credit to use this service.
  • The TDCJ operate a computerized offender search that displays inmates incarcerated in the state’s prisons.

How to Access court dockets

To obtain copies San Jacinto County court records, visit the County Clerk Office at 1 State Hwy 150, Room 2, Coldspring, TX 77331 (phone number: 936-653-2324).You can also use their public computer to conduct your own search during normal business hours. The County Clerk is in charge of misdemeanor cases.

For felony cases, visit the District Clerk Office at the address mentioned above, but in room no.4 (phone number: 936-653-2909). They do not have an online search tool; however, you can mail the Officer for Public Information a written FOIA request with the specific information you are looking for. If you do not receive a response to your request within a reasonable amount of time, contact your local District Attorney. For specific instructions regarding how to request public information, refer to the website of the Attorney General of Texas.

Locating sex offenders

To perform a sex offender search, we recommend utilizing the state’s registry. You can trace people with a history of sexual violence according to name, address, ZIP code, county and even academic institution.