About TexasArrestWarrants.org

The main goal of texasarrestwarrants.org is to help users carry out a criminal background check on people living in the state of Texas. We are fully aware of how important it is to make sure the people you come in contact with have a clean record. It is a matter of personal safety to know that your kids’ nanny, your employee or colleague or someone you are dating does not have a violent criminal history, has not been engaged in illegal activity or has not been arrested.

This website is connected to vast databases that rely on governmental, private and public sources. These databases are updated on a regular basis. Although we cannot promise 100 per cent accuracy, we are doing our best to make sure the information you will obtain will be close to it. Information, for us, means not only power but safety as well.

Therefore, this site explains in detail how to gain access to criminal records in Texas. By clicking “Texas Counties”, you will be directed to a page with articles on the state’s counties arranged in alphabetical order. Each article will contain specific guidelines on how to conduct a warrant and arrest records search and how to find felony and misdemeanor court records within the relevant county. We present the best offline and online public sources available. In addition, we also have a page containing professional articles where you can learn about the state’s legal procedures.

We are open to criticism. If you have any comment or complaint regarding our service or the content on the website, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do all in our power to solve any problem as fast as possible. Your comments are extremely important to us as they will help us improve our website, so we can continue providing our readers with high quality content.