Finding Criminal Records in Kenedy County

According to the Texas Public Information Act, records relating to someone’s criminal history are now available to the general public.  Information that used to be difficult or impossible to access by ordinary citizens in the general public is now readily available. This article is designed to help you navigate the process to access these types of records in Kenedy County, Texas.

Kenedy County Warrant Search

The first place to start when running a background check is to check for any outstanding warrants.  The most direct way to conduct this search is to contact the Sheriff’s Department.  You can contact:

Sheriff Ramon Salinas III
175 Cuellar Avenue
Sarita, TX 78385
Phone: 361-294-5205

Keep in mind that if you are checking for yourself it may be a wise choice to call over the telephone rather than showing up in person.

Conducting a Kenedy County Arrest Search

After checking warrants, the next common search used is to check for previous arrests.  The easiest way do this is by using the Computerized Criminal History System managed by the TxDPS.  This database can show you a person’s arrest history for offenses more severe than Class B misdemeanor all across the state. Alternatively, if you would prefer, you can also check with the jail personnel in person by visiting the Sheriff’s Office.  See the previous paragraph for that contact information.

How to Search Kenedy County Court Records

A final avenue for checking on criminal records is looking for court records to see if the person in question has any pending or old cases.  In Texas the County Clerk is typically responsible for records relating to Misdemeanor cases, and the District Clerk handles Felony cases.  Due to the small size of Kenedy County, there is only one Clerk staffing both offices.  However, there are still two separate offices.  Veronica Vela is both the District and County Clerk.  Both addresses are listed below:

County Clerk
151 Mallory
Sarita, TX 78385
Phone: 361-294-5220

District Clerk
101 Mallory
Sarita, TX 78385
Phone: 361-294-5220

Both offices use the same telephone number, so if you are unsure what type of case you’re looking for or if you want to decrease the necessary legwork you may find it prudent to call the clerk’s office.

Crime Statistics from 2013

The county has a population of approximately 438 people.  For the year 2013, there were 13 offenses total.  Of those 13 offenses, there were 4 rapes reported, 4 burglaries, 3 larcenies, and 2 reports of auto theft.  The total number of arrests was 4 for the year, averaging a 16% case clearance.  The total number of offenses averaged 2967.9 per 100,000 people.