How to Conduct a Willacy County Warrant Search

It is easier than you might first think to conduct a Texas warrant search and find arrest records and court dockets. Information can be extracted online in a number of places, as well as in person at the sheriff’s office and at the court house. In the following article, we will show you how to search for these documents in Willacy County while remaining anonymous in doing so.

Performing a Willacy County warrant search

The most efficient way to find Willacy County warrants is by contacting the sheriff. Their phone number is 956-689-5576. Their address is 1371 Industrial Drive Dr., Raymondville, Texas, 78580. Once you reach their office, ask to view the list of the county’s wanted people and fugitives. They are usually quite cooperative since they hope to get information from the public as well regarding the whereabouts of suspects.

How to conduct an arrest search

When a person is incarcerated, he will have an arrest record carrying his name whether or not he was charged with a crime.

The easiest way to search for arrest records in Willacy County is to inquire about a specific person. Here are the main online sources that may assist you:

  • To run an inmate search on a county level, contact the county jail at 956-689-4900 and inquire about current and past detainees that housed their facility. For more information about the jail (including physical address), go here.
  • On a state level, we suggest referring to the online inquiry tool run by the TxDPS. It can be used to perform a comprehensive criminal record check that encompasses all of TX counties. You will be able to view a person incarceration history for offenses more serious than Class B misdemeanor.
  • You can also conduct a Texas inmate search on the TDCJ’s website. Results show offenders held in prisons all over the state. Sentence information and projected release date are also shown.

How to search for Court Records

Willacy County court records are necessary to find out whether someone you know has been charged with a crime. They can be found by turning to the County Clerk if you are searching misdemeanor cases and / or the District Clerk if you are seeking felony cases. Both offices are located at 576 W. Main Ave. Raymondville, Texas 78580. Their phone numbers are 956-689-2710 (County Clerk) and 956-689-2532(District Clerk).

You will be asked to file a FOIA request. For specific instructions, go to the website of the Texas Attorney General.

How to undertake a sex offender search

To find out if there are former sex felons residing in your area, refer to the Texas sex offender registry. You can search by name, address, ZIP code, county and even by academic institution. The registry is open to everyone free of charge.