Conducting a Texas Background Check on a County Level

The most efficient way to carry out a Texas background check is to rely on the resources your county offers. The larger counties have computerized databases that can significantly simplify your inquiry. For example, you can trace Tarrant County arrest records by referring to the electronic inmate search offered by the sheriff office, which you can find here. It provides the following details: The detainee’s name, sex, DOB, CID and mugshot. You will be notified whether he / she is still in custody and you will be able to see his / her charges and bail amount if there was any.

Locating Criminal Records

If a person was apprehended but not charged or not found guilty, he will have no criminal record. To view a person’s history of convictions, you will have to conduct a different type of inquiry that will lead you to court dockets. To do that on a county level, you are recommended to turn to the county clerk for misdemeanor files and to the district clerk for felony files. You will need to fill in a FOIA request and send it by mail or deliver it in person to the relevant authority. For instructions on how to fill in such a request, you had better refer to the website of the Texas Attorney General.

Some counties offer an electronic database that contains legal documents issued by the court. For example, you can access Tarrant County court records using the following online case search:

Finding out who is wanted by the police

The websites of the largest counties contain a computerized inquiry tool that displays wanted people. For example, take a look at this database; it will assist you in tracing Harris county warrants electronically.

In case the county does not have this online service, the alternative is to visit the sheriff office and ask for the information in person. In 90% of the cases, they will be willing to reveal the county’s list of wanted persons against whom an arrest warrant has been issued hoping to get help in locating them by acquiring new leads from the public.